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Would you like to intelligently invest in football without fear of losing your money? Then you are at the right place. We are the team of Ftipster.com and we work hard to prove that this is a lucrative business combined with lots of emotion and passion.

Last three Single tips

24.06.17Getafe - Tenerife11.803:1
24.06.17New York Red Bulls - New York City FC
Over 2.51.700:2
24.06.17Irtysh Pavlodar - Kaisar Kyzylorda11.701:0

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Top rules of successful betting by Ftipster team

1. Bet only if it is within your power! Many people bet with a whole bank in the attempt to generate profits for a short period of time. This is a wrong approach. Bets must always be risk-based event with a maximum of 30% of your bank, so that you will have a chance to recover in case there are any losses. And do not do it immediately, but gamble sensibly and waiting for the right events.

2. Bet this amount that you can afford! If you approach with the idea that it is crucial to win a certain sum of money, gambling can become a nightmare. We are reminding again that you should not gamble with the entire bank and for a short term.

3. Do not make a huge columns regarding the number of matches! The fewer games you choose, the better it is for you. The best option is single match. Turn your number of matches into your selection in cash probabilities of winning and losing. Purely statistical, the larger is the number of matches you select, the greater is the chance your column is a loss. Read more